Bill has been networking for many years, both with membership groups and open networking, seeing the benefits of this form of marketing. He decided it was time for a new way, combining the structure of a membership group without the commitment of a membership fee or pressure to attend every time.

M62 Connections was born.


With the success of the Birchwood group, visitors were asking if we could set one up  near to Manchester. Although strictly not on the M62, the Coach House at the Trafford Centre, proved to be a popular venue  and quickly grew to be the largest group on a regular basis.


The name ‘M62Connections’ became our vision as we opened groups in Knowsley (later relocated in St Helens) and Oldham (later relocated in Rochdale). Always using the M62 ‘Power corridor’ as our driver. Although, we do accept that at times the ‘power’ can become somewhat stationary. It pays to be prepared.


Responsiveness has been an important factor in our growth. At first we deliberated over “breakfast or not” and decided on buy your own,  if you want to eat. Traditionally the Birchwood group started at 8.30 whilst the others were all 9.30 starters. We have now moved that group in line with the others at 9.30 in response to popular demand.

The latest development has been combining the “Board you can’t afford” with the 15 minute presentation slot to become “Presenting to the Board”, capitalising on the business support of our groups.

Why choose us

We put your business and success first – not our profits

Low Cost

Only £ 10

Frequent Meetings

2 per week

Multiple Locations

4 Venues

Large Member Network

100 +

Our Team