Find the answers to your most asked questions:


Why no membership?

You may have an emergency call from a client, or a personal situation to deal with. No attendance no charge!


Do you have an exclusion policy; only one person per sector?

We prefer not to lock out sectors as we often find businesses in the same sector can help each other by collaborating on projects and offering advice to one another.


Why no breakfast?

In an effort to keep the meeting cost down for our attendees, we decided not to offer breakfast, however, all our venues have facility to purchase breakfast, be it full English, bacon butty or cereal. Your choice.


Can I attend ANY of the groups?

You are free to attend any of the groups. To ensure you receive details of all the meetings you’re interested in, please add yourself to the mailing list of all the groups you’re be interested in attending.



How does the loyalty scheme work?

At your first meeting we’ll give you a loyalty card. Each time you attend, you have your loyalty card stamped. If you bring a new person along you are given an extra stamp. Collect 10 stamps and your next meeting is FREE.


Can I register online?

Yes, and if you register online through Eventbrite and pay in advance, you’ll pay only £9 per meeting, with no additional fees.


Do I get a receipt for my attendance?

Yes, we’ll give you a paper receipt if you pay on the day. If you book online and pay by card you’ll receive your receipt by email.


Do any of the venues charge for parking?

No, we’ve selected all our venues in locations with free parking. At Birchwood, you need to take a ticket to gain entry to the car park but the venue will validate your ticket before you leave.


How does the Presentation to the Board work?

The Presentation to the Board is as sounding board for small business owners to focus on one of the following:

a) a business problem you need help with
b) a problem one of your clients or contacts has brought to you
c) to sound out a product or service launch or change
d) a topical issue e.g. change in legislation, or some other issue which may affect the businesses in the room.

Contact Catherine McKinnon if you have an item you’d like to raise at one of our meetings. In general we ask you to attend at least one meeting before putting yourself forward as we feel it works better if people have previously met you.